Andrade's Triumph Over Adversity

AEW Star Andrade El Idolo Reveals Struggles Post-Surgery and Transformation Journey

by Noman Rasool
Andrade's Triumph Over Adversity
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AEW superstar, Andrade El Idolo, recently sat down on AEW's acclaimed Unrestricted podcast to candidly discuss his tumultuous journey after suffering a torn pectoral injury in 2022. His raw and honest insights provide a deep dive into the physical and mental tribulations faced by athletes, shedding light on his recovery process and commitment to returning to the ring stronger than ever.

Andrade's injury led to his first surgery experience, an event he described as deeply challenging. "It's hard because it was my first surgery. Mentally, you need to have a lot of patience. It’s very hard," he stated. Reflecting on his pre-injury days, he confessed, "I would say, ‘I am a man.’ You can do little weights." The aftermath of the surgery was a stark contrast, where even lifting minuscule weights became a herculean task.

"After surgery, you’re continually working with your elbow because the tendon and elbow are so tight," Andrade revealed. "You put the weight, one pound, five pounds, and realize how challenging it has become. What seemed 'so easy' before has now become unbearably painful."

Resilience Beyond the Ring

Highlighting his transformative journey back to top form, Andrade emphasized the changes he had to adopt in his routine.

He reminisced about his younger days, admitting, "I was skinny when I was 13 or 14 years old. I thought, 'I need to be big.' My mentality was ‘all the cool wrestlers look big.' " Post-surgery saw him weighing in at 260 pounds, but with rigorous training, a diet low in carbs and sodium, and the occasional sugar intake, he's now a fit 230-235 pounds.

In addition to his physical journey, Andrade is also known for his heartfelt gestures. Post the surprising departure of CM Punk from AEW, Andrade El Idolo stood out as one of the few stars to publicly acknowledge Punk, a testament to his professional camaraderie and respect.

Andrade’s openness about his struggles and successes exemplifies the spirit of resilience. His journey serves as an inspiring tale for wrestling enthusiasts and budding athletes worldwide, signaling that with unwavering determination, one can overcome the harshest of setbacks.

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