CM Punk Breaks Silence: 'Free for Two Months' After AEW Departure


CM Punk Breaks Silence: 'Free for Two Months' After AEW Departure
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Two weeks have passed since the bombshell announcement by AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan, revealing the departure of CM Punk from the company, citing it as a termination "with cause." The shocking decision was prompted by an incident backstage involving Punk and Jack Perry during All In, which took place at London's Wembley Stadium a week before the official announcement.

Although initial expectations were that Punk would deliver an "explosive response" to his release, he had maintained radio silence on the matter until recently. Last night, the wrestling world saw the end of Punk's silence, albeit in an unexpected way.

The former wrestler returned to his intermittent role as a color commentator for Caged Fury Fighting Championships. Punk's return to the commentary booth came with some intriguing moments. His broadcast partner, John Morgan, introduced him by saying, "look who I ran into backstage," alluding to the backstage incident that led to his firing.

Morgan also humorously noted that Punk was back on commentary "with cause."

Punk's Mysterious Two-Month Window

During the broadcast, Punk hinted at a post-fight show for the commentary team, which prompted a colleague to inquire if he had ample free time.

In response, Punk stated, "yeah, I got some time on my hands, for the next two months." This statement has fueled speculation among fans about Punk's future in professional wrestling. As of now, there is no public information available regarding the existence of a noncompete clause in Punk's contract with AEW, which might restrict him from working with other wrestling companies, including WWE, for a specified period.

Notably, Punk's mention of having "two months on his hands" has stirred anticipation that he might consider a return to the wrestling ring. Adding fuel to the speculation is the fact that in a little over two months, WWE is scheduled to host Survivor Series in Chicago, Punk's hometown.

However, given Punk's history of playfully teasing fans, it remains uncertain whether this comment is a genuine hint or just another instance of his online banter. The wrestling world eagerly awaits further developments, as fans and pundits continue to speculate on CM Punk's future in the industry following his unexpected departure from AEW.

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