Rob Van Dam Makes AEW Comeback!


Rob Van Dam Makes AEW Comeback!
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In a turn of events that sent shockwaves throughout the professional wrestling community, Rob Van Dam (RVD), a distinguished name in the sport, is gearing up for a return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The scene was set when Jerry Lynn presented him to the AEW audience as a direct challenge to FTW Champion Jack Perry.

Perry, known for his recent shift in demeanor, hasn't been too kind in his comments about ECW, the very promotion that birthed the FTW Title under the mentorship of Taz. This brewing tension culminated in a high-stakes match between the seasoned WWE Hall of Famer, RVD, and the reigning champ, Perry.

Set in Columbus, Ohio, the bout followed FTW rules. However, Perry's win wasn't without controversy. The champion resorted to questionable tactics, striking RVD unexpectedly and using a chair as leverage, followed by a roll-up with an arguably unfair grip on RVD's tights.

However, this might not be the last we've seen of this clash. The winds whisper of Rob Van Dam's imminent return to the AEW ring, hinting at unfinished business.

A Homecoming for RVD in AEW

The whispers were confirmed when it was publicized that Rob Van Dam is slated to feature in AEW Collision come 23rd September, and it’s not just any venue – Grand Rapids, Michigan, RVD's home turf.

The promotional graphic making the rounds elucidates RVD's plan, stating that the WWE Hall of Famer is set for a "return to the ring in his home state”. While the anticipation is rife, AEW has left fans on a cliffhanger, not revealing his opponent just yet.

Adding another layer to the drama, RVD insinuated that his recent AEW commitments might have interfered with a planned appearance related to WrestleMania 40. What this means for his future, and his relationship with both WWE and AEW, remains a tantalizing mystery. One thing's for sure, the wrestling world will be watching closely.

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