Samoa Joe Unfazed by AEW World Title Contention Return


Samoa Joe Unfazed by AEW World Title Contention Return
Samoa Joe Unfazed by AEW World Title Contention Return © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In a monumental turn of events, Samoa Joe is set to embark on his first-ever world championship feud in the realm of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The backdrop for this highly anticipated showdown is none other than "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam," an event poised to leave an indelible mark on the wrestling landscape.

While Joe has etched his name into the annals of AEW history as a former TNT champion, his aspirations have always reached higher, specifically toward the prestigious AEW World Championship. In a candid conversation with the "New York Post," Samoa Joe articulated his sentiments about returning to the hallowed realm of world title contention.

Despite a considerable hiatus from the upper echelons of championship competition, Joe exudes an unshakable self-assuredness, stating, "It's unusual. I think when you look at the breadth of my career, to me, I'm never surprised.

This is what you set out to do. These are the expectations I put on myself. I've been counted out. I think I'm on my third one now, legitimately as far as it's done, over with. As long as we keep moving forward, keep finding ways to entertain fans, I'll be out here doing my thing with the same expectations.

Not surprised at all, we are where we are."

Joe's Long-Awaited Challenge

With an illustrious career spanning an impressive 24 years, Joe finds himself savoring victories with a newfound appreciation, all the while harboring a palpable excitement for the future.

Yet, for the time being, Samoa Joe's singular focus remains laser-guided on the formidable MJF. The AEW World Championship will be on the line when these two titans clash at the "Dynamite Grand Slam" episode, taking place at the illustrious Arthur Ashe Stadium, a stone's throw away from MJF's Long Island stronghold.

In his characteristic no-nonsense style, Joe declared, "I think it's the best place to make an example where the people who care about him the most will see. I'm looking forward to going in there, walking him down, crushing him completely, and taking all the big championships.

Maybe having a big celebration afterward, maybe grab a slice. I don't know." As the wrestling world braces itself for the showdown of the year, Samoa Joe's unwavering determination and MJF's unyielding resolve promise to collide, creating an unforgettable spectacle that will resonate throughout the annals of AEW history.

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