Bobby Fish on AEW's 'Excessive Freedom' & Inmates Not in Charge


Bobby Fish on AEW's 'Excessive Freedom' & Inmates Not in Charge
Bobby Fish on AEW's 'Excessive Freedom' & Inmates Not in Charge © WWE/YouTube

In a recent interview on "K100," Bobby Fish, a multi-time tag team champion, offered insights into his transition from WWE's NXT to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), highlighting a notable contrast in the working environment. Fish began by emphasizing the increased freedom he experienced upon joining AEW, a shift he initially welcomed.

However, as time passed, he admitted to growing somewhat frustrated with this newfound autonomy. "I think some people did have way too much stroke, for sure, but I think some of those people, that's how they operate and that's how they get over," Fish explained.

"Those people are just gonna be who they're gonna be. I'm not one of them. You know, I couldn't tell you the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. I don't play that game. I always let my physical speak for itself because I've been doing athletics my whole life."

AEW's Freedom Balance

Expanding on his observations, Fish suggested that AEW might lean closer to "too much" freedom.

He expressed the belief that there should be a balance between structure and freedom, asserting that sometimes, wrestlers need to be "saved from the boys." Fish emphasized, "The inmates cannot run the asylum," echoing sentiments previously expressed by WWE Hall of Famers Road Dogg and Eric Bischoff.

Continuing his critique, Fish stressed the importance of having a guiding hand to channel creativity constructively. He noted that excessive attempts by wrestlers to "get their s*** in" or suspicions of such behavior could lead to dissension rather than unity within the locker room.

Fish concluded the interview by praising WWE's "NXT" Black and Gold era, where the focus was on delivering the best show possible. He mentioned the TakeOvers as examples, where multiple matches received ample time, and fans were deeply invested in the storylines, creating an environment conducive to putting on great shows.

This insightful commentary from Bobby Fish sheds light on the challenges and dynamics within AEW, hinting at the delicate balance between creative freedom and maintaining a cohesive, collaborative atmosphere in professional wrestling.

As the industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how AEW and other promotions will navigate these complex issues to create compelling and harmonious wrestling experiences for both performers and fans.

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