Chris Jericho Admits 0-1 Record Against WWE's Vince McMahon


Chris Jericho Admits 0-1 Record Against WWE's Vince McMahon
Chris Jericho Admits 0-1 Record Against WWE's Vince McMahon © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

Chris Jericho, a celebrated wrestling icon known for his triumphs over legends like Steve Austin, Triple H, and John Cena, still finds himself 0-1 in an unexpected arena against former boss Vince McMahon. This wasn’t a wrestling defeat but a challenge of endurance and sheer willpower off the ring.

While Jericho is accustomed to victory inside the squared circle, a quirky anecdote from his past speaks volumes about the tenacity of McMahon. Following the recording of an episode of "Tough Enough" - a reality series with Jericho at the helm - the two found themselves on a flight, unwinding to the classic rhythms of AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.

As dawn approached and the plane touched down at 4 AM, McMahon, showcasing his ever-present competitive spirit, challenged Jericho to a post-flight workout.

McMahon's 4AM Challenge

“We landed and Vince's immediate reaction was, 'Let's hit the gym,’” Jericho recounted on "Busted Open Radio".

Given the early hours and the drinks that had flowed on the flight from Orlando to White Plains, Jericho initially brushed off McMahon’s challenge as the playful banter of two colleagues on a boozy night out. After choosing rest over a workout due to an early morning media engagement, Chris Jericho settled in for a few hours of sleep.

However, his brief respite was interrupted just two and a half hours later by an unexpected alert on his phone. To his astonishment, there was Vince McMahon, post-gym session, wearing a self-satisfied grin. The attached message playfully read: “Vince 1 – 0 Jericho”.

The humorous jibe showcased McMahon's relentless determination and playful rivalry with the wrestling superstar. This light-hearted episode not only underscores McMahon's relentless drive but also serves as a testament to the playful camaraderie between the two wrestling stalwarts.

The story, now making waves on platforms like MSN, Google, and Google News, exemplifies the unpredictable and passionate personalities that make the world of wrestling an endless source of intrigue for its global fanbase.

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