Bobby Fish Slams 'Fake Tough Guys,' Picks Top 3 Wrestlers for Bar Brawl


Bobby Fish Slams 'Fake Tough Guys,' Picks Top 3 Wrestlers for Bar Brawl
Bobby Fish Slams 'Fake Tough Guys,' Picks Top 3 Wrestlers for Bar Brawl © TNT/YouTube

During a recent episode of the "K100 w/ Konnan & Disco" podcast, Bobby Fish, a renowned name in both WWE and AEW wrestling, candidly discussed the perceived decrease in authentic "tough guys" in today's wrestling world.

Drawing a comparison between the present-day locker room and that of a decade or two ago, Fish remarked, "Very few." He continued, stressing, "I think you got a lot of fake tough guys nowadays." Having secured a victory over Boateng Prempeh in a boxing bout last November, Fish possesses both the experience and credibility to comment on real-life toughness.

When posed with the question of whom he'd want beside him in an unexpected bar brawl, Fish's selection spanned across eras of wrestling. "For me, without a doubt, it would be Haku, Brock Lesnar, and Kurt Angle," shared the former Undisputed Era standout.

Fish's Modern Picks

Shifting his focus to contemporary wrestling stars, Fish named those he believed would stand tall in real combat situations. "Kyle O'Reilly tops my list. Having trained alongside him, I can vouch for his incredible skill set.

Moreover, it's hard to overlook Matt Riddle. He possesses a legitimate background and skill that sets him apart," Fish elaborated. He went on to pay tribute to the late Jay Briscoe, aka Jamin Pugh, emphasizing not just his raw toughness but his heart of gold.

This conversation echoes a similar one from last month when WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase compiled his roster of legitimate tough guys from the wrestling domain. "The Million Dollar Man" notably mentioned Haku, who was also Fish's pick, along with late wrestling greats "Dirty" Dick Murdoch and "Dr.

Death" Steve Williams. Bobby Fish's insights shed light on the age-old debate of real toughness in the wrestling world and provide fans with a glimpse into the personalities and reputations behind the scenes.

Bobby Fish

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