Chris Jericho Criticizes Fans for Negative Focus in AEW


Chris Jericho Criticizes Fans for Negative Focus in AEW
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In recent times, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been at the center of media attention, not just for its in-ring performances, but also due to a series of backstage incidents. These off-stage dramas have frequently cast a shadow over the primary events happening within the wrestling ring.

Chris Jericho, a prominent AEW star, shed light on this topic during his recent appearance on "Busted Open Radio." Drawing a parallel with the world of music, Jericho commented, "It's wrestling, but at the end of the day, it's like rock and roll," referencing iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones.

He emphasized the public's penchant for zeroing in on the more controversial aspects. Reminiscing about an earlier incident with fellow wrestler Goldberg in Milwaukee, Jericho highlighted how news spread even before the era of robust social media, stating, "Whatever version of the internet existed back then had news about our altercation within minutes." Yet, Jericho candidly acknowledged the magnification of such incidents in today's age of pervasive social media.

Despite the numerous achievements and positives surrounding AEW, Jericho opined that they often get overshadowed by the cacophony of negativity. Assuring fans and critics alike, he confirmed that the organization is actively addressing and rectifying the challenges faced.

Jericho Questions Awareness

Jericho also brought into question the sheer number of fans genuinely aware or deeply concerned about these backstage controversies. "Among the 81,000 fans, how many really follow these details? While the hardcore fans, journalists, and industry insiders care - and rightly so - the broader audience might see things differently.

Consider our cable ratings - topping charts for four consecutive weeks," he elaborated. Co-host Bully Ray inquired about the current state of AEW, especially in comparison to the previous month. Jericho confidently affirmed its improved condition.

While CM Punk's name remained unsaid during the discussion, it was clear he was the unspoken focal point, especially after his recent dismissal from AEW. Reports suggest Punk was let go after a backstage altercation at AEW All In with Jack Perry, which also led to AEW co-owner Tony Khan reportedly feeling physically endangered.

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