Bully Ray praises AEW's portrayal of Toni Storm

AEW's Toni Storm garners widespread acclaim for character evolution

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray praises AEW's portrayal of Toni Storm
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Toni Storm's recent metamorphosis in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has sent ripples of excitement through the wrestling community, pushing her to newfound heights of stardom. Her captivating throwback character has resonated strongly with fans, prompting many to view her current phase as the pinnacle of her wrestling journey.

AEW's president, Tony Khan, has gone on record stating that she is in the finest form of her career. Echoing this sentiment, wrestling legend Bully Ray expressed his admiration for Storm during a segment on "Busted Open Radio." "Her current British-inspired persona has genuinely caught my attention.

I found the face-off between Toni Storm and Saraya exceptionally engaging," commented Bully Ray. His endorsement further fuels the conversation around Storm's resurgence. Storm's trajectory in AEW is noteworthy. After parting ways with WWE in 2022, she made her AEW debut, retaining her quintessential rock and roll aura.

However, the landscape shifted dramatically with the arrival of Saraya. Alongside Ruby Soho, another WWE veteran, the trio formed 'The Outcasts,' setting their sights on the original female wrestlers of AEW. With the formidable Outcasts by her side, Storm clinched the coveted AEW Women's World Championship.

But every ascent has its descent, and the loss of her title marked a pivotal transformation in her character.

Storm's Dramatic Transformation

Embracing a more aggressive stance, Storm began channeling the allure of an old Hollywood blonde bombshell.

This reinvention led to a rift within The Outcasts, culminating in a dramatic climax at the 'All In' event, where she lost her title. Bully Ray added, "I've been a staunch advocate for Toni since her NXT days. Her AEW transition only intensified that admiration.

While her striking appearance is undeniable, my appreciation stems deeper – it's about her character depth, her 'it' factor, and her undeniable prowess in the ring." As Toni Storm continues to evolve, fans and critics remain hooked, eagerly awaiting her next move in the dynamic world of AEW.

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