AEW Star Mocks Roman Reigns' Attempt to Emulate Brock Lesnar; WWE Fans React

WrestleMania 40 buzz grows with blockbuster match hints.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Star Mocks Roman Reigns' Attempt to Emulate Brock Lesnar; WWE Fans React
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In the midst of the WWE Universe, Roman Reigns stands as an unyielding force, having asserted his dominance since WrestleMania 39. Reigns' supremacy, which saw him decimate most of the top-tier WWE talent in his title defenses, has unquestionably etched him as the formidable “Tribal Chief”.

However, recent remarks by AEW talent Jake Hager have left fans both bemused and entertained. Post his WWE tenure, Hager had made waves by announcing his shift to the world of MMA, aiming to carve an undefeated streak. His ultimate game plan? To circle back to WWE, challenge, and dethrone Roman Reigns at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

While Hager’s ambitions are laudable, they have certainly raised many eyebrows. WWE enthusiasts were quick to take to social media platforms, pointing out Hager’s aspiration of emulating Brock Lesnar’s success, only for him to become more synonymous with Chris Jericho’s fan circle.

The general consensus amongst fans was clear: even in an alternate universe, Hager defeating Roman Reigns would be a long shot. Reminiscing Hager’s WWE journey, it's noteworthy that he had held the World Heavyweight Championship.

But the anticipated massive fan following and fervor never truly materialized for him. Since jumping ship to AEW in 2019, Hager, despite his contributions, hasn’t clinched gold or lived up to the immense hype that surrounded him.

Reigns vs. Rock Speculation

Switching gears to “The Big Dog”, Roman Reigns, anticipation is at an all-time high regarding his potential opponent for WWE WrestleMania 40. Speculations were rife when The Rock graced WWE SmackDown recently, triggering a deluge of fan theories.

Adding more fuel to this fire, Dave Meltzer, in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, hinted that a showdown between Reigns and The Rock is high on WWE’s wishlist. Meltzer mentioned, “Reigns vs. Rock is always the priority for WrestleMania… Rhodes secured his spot in Los Angeles due to Johnson’s absence”.

A face-off between Reigns and The Rock would indeed be colossal. If it materializes, WWE’s creative team will likely have their hands full reshuffling storylines, but for a match of this magnitude, that seems a small price to pay.

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