AEW's Taya Valkyrie: Dancing in the Ring

AEW's Taya Valkyrie: The Strong Connection Between Wrestling & Ballet

by Noman Rasool
AEW's Taya Valkyrie: Dancing in the Ring
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AEW superstar, Taya Valkyrie, is taking a stand against the misconception that ballet is somehow "less" than professional wrestling. Being well-versed in both arts, Valkyrie, the former Impact Knockouts Champion, is keen on shedding light on how intertwined the two disciplines truly are.

Having been both a professional wrestler and a ballerina, Valkyrie is uniquely qualified to speak on the matter. During her recent interview on "AEW Unrestricted," she engaged in a deep conversation with Aubrey Edwards, another ex-ballerina.

Valkyrie passionately pointed out, "Wrestling and ballet have a lot more in common than most understand. Growing up in ballet, we're instilled with discipline and the drive to push past boundaries. It's about earning your place, not just fitting the costume.

This mentality, cultivated from my ballet days, has been a guiding force throughout my life, even in wrestling." While many see ballet as a delicate art form and wrestling as a tough sport, Valkyrie highlights the shared traits of dedication, discipline, and perseverance required in both.

She eloquently stressed the point that ballet, much like wrestling, demands physical and mental rigor, resilience, and an unparalleled level of commitment.

Blurring Boundaries with Passion

Valkyrie's recent comments resonate with many who have dabbled in both worlds.

When she hears the phrase, "Wrestling's not ballet," she can't help but feel slighted. "There's depth, complexity, and strength in both fields," she retorted. "To say otherwise is to lack a deep understanding of either." Valkyrie's journey in the wrestling world is an illustrious one.

She has been a prominent figure in indie circuits, Impact Wrestling, and AAA. This year marked her exciting debut in AEW, where she made waves with a riveting feud against the former TBS Champion, Jade Cargill. Impressively, she managed to keep her debut a top secret, even sharing a flight with many of the AEW team and avid fans en route to her "Dynamite" appearance.

In a world where arts and sports often occupy distinct spaces, Valkyrie's voice is an important reminder that boundaries can blur, disciplines can overlap, and passion remains the central driving force in any endeavor.

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