AEW Chris Jericho Praises Late WWE's Bray Wyatt as 'Creative Powerhouse

Wrestling's essence transcends mere matches, Jericho opines.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Chris Jericho Praises Late WWE's Bray Wyatt as 'Creative Powerhouse
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The wrestling community remains in mourning following the untimely demise of WWE's inimitable talent, Bray Wyatt, a month ago. Emotions and heartfelt remembrances continue to surface from fellow athletes and fans alike. One such tribute recently emerged from AEW's stalwart, Chris Jericho, during an intimate chat on "Superstar Crossover." Jericho, with a glitter of nostalgia in his eyes, fondly recounted his numerous collaborations with Wyatt.

He was emphatic about Bray's unmatched approach to the sport. Describing Wyatt's knack for weaving unparalleled wrestling characters and storylines, Jericho labelled him an inexhaustible "faucet of creativity." He chuckled, reminiscing about the times when Wyatt's innovative pitches would leave him utterly astounded.

Drawing attention to Wyatt's memorable "Firefly Funhouse" stint, Jericho articulated, "Witnessing him bring those visions to life was truly magnificent. It was pure wrestling essence. It echoed the quirks of 'Mr. Rogers on crack,' yet there was an undeniable charm.

That was the brilliance of Bray Wyatt at his peak."

Wyatt's Unmatched Connect

However, Jericho emphasized that while great matches are crucial, what truly sets a wrestler apart is the ability to resonate with the audience, to evoke emotions, and to make them yearn for more.

"That connect, that innate capability to enthrall audiences, was where Bray Wyatt was unparalleled in today's wrestling world," Jericho stressed. The gravity of the loss weighs heavily on Jericho, especially since the two had established a deep camaraderie during their time in WWE.

"It's heart-wrenching that he's no longer with us," he sighed. Even though their paths diverged when Jericho transitioned to AEW, the memories of their global bouts remain etched in his heart. "We had the privilege of facing off across various arenas worldwide, easily over two dozen times, if not more," Jericho shared.

The loss of such a trailblazer like Bray Wyatt is felt deeply across the wrestling diaspora, a sentiment that Chris Jericho's earnest reflections on "Superstar Crossover" poignantly encapsulate.

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