Matt Hardy Picks Recent WWE Releases Fit for AEW

Matt Hardy spotlights indie wrestling's self-made path to fame.

by Atia Mukhtar
Matt Hardy Picks Recent WWE Releases Fit for AEW
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In a surprising move this week, the WWE released over 20 of its talents, sparking widespread speculation among wrestling enthusiasts about potential crossovers to AEW. With high-profile names like Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Emma on the list, alongside talented stars such as Elias and Mustafa Ali, and rising sensations like Riddick Moss, Rick Boogs, and Alexis Gray, AEW's president, Tony Khan, might be considering numerous acquisitions.

Matt Hardy, a significant figure in the wrestling world, shared his insights on "The Extreme Life" podcast. Hardy referenced Matt Cardona's success story, urging the released WWE talents to carve out their niche on the independent circuit, thus building their brand and possibly earning a slot in larger promotions, AEW included.

Cardona's Indie Success

Highlighting Cardona's journey, Hardy remarked, "Cardona epitomizes the power of self-promotion in the independent scene. He's been consistently impressive, showcasing immense dedication, hard work, and sacrifice.

If you're willing to adopt that DIY spirit and commit, the opportunities are out there, especially for established names. Stars like Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Mustafa Ali, who've enjoyed ample TV exposure, can draw in audiences.

It's about passion, hard work, and seizing the moment." Hardy, adding to the growing speculation, shared his predictions on which of the recently released WWE talents might join AEW. He stated, "Given their track records and appeal, I wouldn't be surprised to see Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, or Mustafa Ali in an AEW locker room in the near future." While these speculations run rampant, a crucial piece of information to keep in mind is the standard 90-day non-compete clauses in the WWE contracts of these wrestlers.

This means fans may need to be patient until late December for any potential appearances in AEW. It's also noteworthy that Hardy's comments came before news of Matt Riddle's release from WWE, adding another dimension to the ongoing discussions.

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