Ex-AEW Star's Humorous Ask to Rhea Ripley

WWE's landscape shifts as new affiliations and interests emerge.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-AEW Star's Humorous Ask to Rhea Ripley
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Big Swole, previously an AEW stalwart, sparked a playful banter on Twitter with the reigning WWE Women's World Champion, Rhea Ripley. The exchange prompted fans and followers to dive into the delightful chatter between these wrestling celebrities.

Before carving a niche for herself in AEW, Big Swole graced the WWE platform as a budding talent, once facing off against Nia Jax in 2016. Her journey in the WWE saw her competing in the second Mae Young Classic Tournament in 2018, although she exited in the opening round.

Shifting gears in 2019, Swole became a prominent face in AEW, continuing to dazzle fans for over two years until her departure in November 2021. The heart of the Twitter engagement revolved around a video posted by Big Swole.

The clip showcased a female fitness trainer flaunting an impressive physique. Swole, evidently stunned by the showcase, suggested that Ripley would be the ideal contender to mirror this feat. Challenging the WWE star, she playfully wrote, "Damn!

Ok then! Now @RheaRipley_WWE do this for science". Ripley, with her characteristic wit, seemed not to decline the dare.

Uso's Unexpected Alliances

On another note, there's been a curious undercurrent in the WWE narrative. The group 'Judgment Day' appears to be courting Jey Uso, although it was Finn Balor's mention of every member's admiration for him, particularly noting Rhea Ripley's, that piqued Uso's interest.

The WWE Women's World Champion has seemingly caught Jey Uso's fancy. On Instagram, Uso's Stories have been heavily Ripley-centric. He playfully suggests prying her away from Dirty Dominik Mysterio, drawing parallels with the duo of Carmella and James Ellsworth from 2017.

Ripley, undoubtedly a magnet for attention, has not only been the apple of many wrestlers' eyes but also seen sharing light moments outside the squared circle. Known instances include casual flirtations with the likes of Cathy Kelley. As events unfold, fans remain on tenterhooks, eager to ascertain Ripley's true allegiance to The Judgment Day.

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