Why Darby Allin Embraces Being AEW's Experimental Trailblazer


Why Darby Allin Embraces Being AEW's Experimental Trailblazer
Why Darby Allin Embraces Being AEW's Experimental Trailblazer © All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

In the dynamic world of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), Darby Allin stands out, not just for his audacious wrestling moves but also for his courageous life choices that go far beyond the confines of the ring. Known for taking figurative and literal leaps, he has been lauded and criticized for his unorthodox wrestling endeavours, such as getting hurled downstairs in a bodybag or daringly jumping from elevated platforms.

Discussing his courageous attitude and commitment to AEW on the "BJ & Migs Daily Podcast", Allin elucidated his role in the company. "I see myself as the figurehead willing to go to extremes to garner attention for AEW," he mentioned.

Drawing an analogy, he referred to himself as AEW's 'guinea pig,' willing to undertake any challenge if it means removing the spotlight from the wrestling company.

Allin's Audacious Aspirations

Allin's aspirations go far beyond the squared circle.

He genuinely desired to ascend Mount Everest and even venture into space. Brushing aside the typical bravado commonplace in wrestling, he stated, "Many wrestlers claim fearlessness as part of their persona, but their actions don't always mirror their words.

I genuinely harbour no fear." Emphasizing his bold claim, Allin disclosed his comfort with meeting his end while attempting such feats. He passionately voiced his belief that regular television appearances are limiting and his desire to transcend them by achieving something monumental.

Allin added, "I envision moments that make non-wrestling audiences sit up and take notice, like reading headlines about a pro wrestler summiting Mount Everest." Allin shared his forthcoming plans to turn this aspiration into reality.

He is gearing up for an Everest expedition in April of the year. But before that monumental climb, he will embark on a series of preparatory trips: Switzerland in October, China in November, and New Zealand in February. Though he didn't see the need for such rigorous preparation, he acceded to the recommendations of the company orchestrating the climb. The entire Everest journey, he mentioned, is projected to span two months.

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