AEW star "shocked" by Dolph Ziggler's release

WWE roster changes prompt reactions from industry professionals

by Noman Rasool
AEW star "shocked" by Dolph Ziggler's release
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WWE has made headlines once again. On September 21st, news surfaced that WWE commenced a new series of mass roster layoffs. The initial shockwave hit when Mustafa Ali took to his social media to announce that he had parted ways with the wrestling giant.

Not long after, Emma followed suit, confirming her departure as well. In the subsequent hours, multiple sources unveiled other departures, while some WWE superstars openly confirmed their exit. Among those released, Dolph Ziggler's name stands out prominently.

As the sole former World Heavyweight Champion on the list, his release brought a significant element of surprise to both fans and fellow professionals. Ziggler, affectionately referred to as "The Showoff" in the wrestling community, had been a pivotal part of WWE for nearly two decades.

His 19-year tenure saw countless memorable moments and, unsurprisingly, many from the wrestling fraternity were quick to recognize and commend his contributions. One notable tribute came from Thunder Rosa, the former AEW Women's Champion.

She recently appeared on Busted Open Radio and expressed her sentiments regarding the recent WWE releases. Rosa emphasized that Ziggler's exit was the one that genuinely caught her off guard:

Rosa Reflects on Ziggler

"I was genuinely taken aback by Dolph's release.

Whenever we crossed paths, be it at airports or events, he was always genuinely kind-hearted. He remembered names and greeted you warmly. In my eyes, he's someone WWE would never part with due to his sheer professionalism. What always stood out to me about Ziggler, as a performer, was the precision in his art.

He excelled in making his adversaries shine and was truly masterful in narrating the in-ring story. He had a visible passion for the craft, regardless of the storyline's magnitude. You'd seldom find him voicing discontent over opportunities on social platforms.

Whenever presented with a chance, Ziggler seized it, demonstrating utmost dedication." In related news, another NXT superstar, released concurrently with Ziggler, has publicly opened up about their exit, mentioning that they had requested the departure from WWE.

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