Brandi Rhodes Addresses AEW Criticisms & Women's Division Challenges

Reflecting on her AEW journey, Brandi Rhodes speaks.

by Atia Mukhtar
Brandi Rhodes Addresses AEW Criticisms & Women's Division Challenges
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Brandi Rhodes, once a prominent figure and executive within All Elite Wrestling (AEW), served as a key representative for the company's women's division. This position often placed her in the direct line of fire for any criticisms aimed at the division.

In a candid conversation with "Ring The Belle," Rhodes shed light on her experiences within the company and her personal feelings regarding the critique she faced. Rhodes expressed, "My primary intention was to be a guiding presence for the women.

Given the dynamics, sometimes, it's challenging for women to voice their concerns or perspectives to male colleagues. I aimed to bridge this gap, and initially, I believe we made significant strides in this regard. However, I'm uncertain if this momentum persisted."

Brandi's AEW Departure

Brandi's exit from AEW in early 2022 coincided with her husband, Cody Rhodes, who subsequently made a notable return to WWE.

Diving deeper into her tenure with AEW, Brandi shared the aspect of the criticism that stung her the most. "What pained me wasn't solely the blame placed upon me, but the deafening silence from others who could have intervened.

Many could have reiterated that it was a collective effort and not solely my responsibility. The absence of this defense was disheartening," Brandi emphasized. Contrary to speculations that she might follow her husband to WWE, Brandi clarified her stance on her wrestling career last month, announcing her official retirement.

Nonetheless, she isn't withdrawing from the spotlight. She's channeled her energy into her passion for fitness, revealing plans to inaugurate her yoga and pilates studio later this year. Brandi's journey from wrestling rings to wellness spaces reflects her adaptability and resilience, despite the challenges faced in the fiercely competitive world of professional wrestling. Her upcoming venture underscores her commitment to wellness and is eagerly anticipated by her vast fan base.

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