Kenny Omega on Feeling Fulfilled

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Kenny Omega on Feeling Fulfilled

Kenny Omega is one of the most well-known indie wrestler outside of the WWE. He is known as ‘The Best Bout Machine’ and ‘Seven Star Express’. He built his career and fan base in NJPW. He was extremely famous in that promotion and wrestled some of the best wrestlers of the world there.

Even after so many years, Kenny Omega is still not done with wrestling. He keeps reinventing himself and performed really well at AEW Double or Nothing. He spoke to Alicia about Double or Nothing last weekend. He is currently one of the 4 EVPs of AEW and he fought Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing, who is also an EVP.

He stated that he fills fulfilled after AEW Double or Nothing. "As a whole, I feel pretty fulfilled, we made an impact on the wrestling world,' Omega stated. "But I feel like it was at my expense a little. I was put through the wringer, I was left lying, my nose doesn't feel the same, my body doesn't feel the same.

When I woke up this morning I felt, aside from being tired and sore, I felt that this is going to be the start of something beautiful." Kenny Omega fought even after breaking his nose. His nose was bloodied for almost half of the entire match. Somehow, he still fought on till the very end.