Kenny Omega on Feeling Alright After Losing

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Kenny Omega on Feeling Alright After Losing

Kenny Omega claims that he is a wrestler that always wants to improve and get better. Even after so many years, he claims to work reinventing himself almost all the time. Kenny Omega spent many years working for NJPW. That is where is grew famous and built a huge fan base.

He is now an All Elite Wrestling superstar and is one of the company’s Executive Vice Presidents. Kenny Omega did not join the WWE as he thought that they would ruin him and his career. He also didn’t like the restrictions that the WWE puts on its wrestlers.

Kenny Omega fought Chris Jericho at AEW Double or Nothing, which as the first PPV event of the company. He spoke about the match with Alicia Atout. He stated that is alright with losing this time as he previously won the last time he and Jericho fought.

"If I would have won, I feel like I might have gotten that feeling of complacency," said Omega. "Like, I'm right back where I used to be. Now I know what I need to do to take the next step. Things are going to get interesting this way I think.

A world where Kenny Omega is champion? Yeah, that's interesting. But, we have Hangman in line now for a shot at the belt, he deserves it and I support him in that pursuit."