AEW Star Walks Away from Faction: 'They've Been Bad Boys,' Says Wrestler


AEW Star Walks Away from Faction: 'They've Been Bad Boys,' Says Wrestler
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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has witnessed the rise and fall of various factions, with The Dark Order being one of its most prominent stables at one point. However, Colt Cabana, a seasoned AEW star, has recently revealed his departure from The Dark Order, shedding light on the faction's current dynamics.

The Dark Order, which reached the pinnacle of its popularity under the leadership of the late Brodie Lee, has experienced a significant decline since his untimely passing. This downturn has resulted in the departure of several members, leaving behind a faction predominantly comprised of villains.

Colt Cabana has cited this shift in the faction's character as a significant factor in his decision to step away from it. During a recent interview on Bakers Bantering, Colt Cabana disclosed his change in status within The Dark Order.

He emphasized that he was no longer actively involved with the faction, noting that he had not been formally expelled but had instead chosen to distance himself. Cabana's departure is attributed, in part, to the faction's alignment as antagonists in AEW's storylines.

Colt Cabana's Dark Order Departure

"I was in the Dark Order for a long time, but now I'm not in it as much. They never technically kicked me out, but I just kind of walked away a little bit. They've been bad guys. They've been bad boys, to be honest," explained Cabana during the interview.

Cabana also took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on his brief stint in WWE and the challenges indie wrestlers faced in the promotion during that period. He humorously acknowledged the stark contrast between his own appearance and that of WWE Superstar Batista, adding an amusing anecdote to the conversation.

In an intriguing twist, Colt Cabana playfully addressed the possibility of a return to WWE during Survivor Series, an event set to take place in his hometown of Chicago. While wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the potential return of CM Punk, another Chicago native, Cabana, shared his perspective on the matter.

He emphasized his commitment to AEW, hinting at the likelihood of an AEW event in Chicago, where he is contractually obligated to appear. "I'm hoping that AEW continues that tradition. I assume we will. And I will not be appearing at Survivor Series, but I will be at AEW in Chicago because I am contracted, and that is my boss, and they pay me money to show up there," Cabana quipped.

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