Chris Jericho on WWE Relationship

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Chris Jericho on  WWE Relationship

Chris Jericho is a popular All Elite Wrestling wrestler and one of the 4 EVPs. He is one of the most successful WWE heel wrestlers of all time. He spent almost half of his career in the WWE, but didn’t accept their offer and re-join them again.

Chris Jericho spoke to ESPN about his relationship with Vince McMahon and the WWE. He stated that Vince knew that Jericho will join AEW and he was fine with it. "Vince knew about [AEW] the whole time. I didn't just show up in AEW and say, 'Here I am, guys.'

It was a conversation that we had, we discussed it and both of us agreed. He was happy for me for taking the contract and I was happy to take it," Jericho continued. "I wonder, in retrospect, if he realizes just how much of a juggernaut AEW is going to be.

And that was sparked by Jericho's signing. So it's something that maybe he might think differently about now. But at the time, he was very happy for me and very agreeable to me going and taking this chance." Jericho stated in previous interviews that AEW offered him the best deal of his life.

Jericho can also work for other promotions if he wants to as the deal he made was not an exclusive one. Jericho may return to the WWE one day.