Chris Jericho on Indie Promotions and AEW

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Chris Jericho on Indie Promotions and AEW

For a long time, professional wrestlers couldn’t find well paid work outside the WWE. That all changed a few years ago! Now, indie promotions can pay wrestlers well for their work. In fact, many indie wrestlers make good money before being signed by the WWE.

Many wrestlers choose to quit the WWE and work for smaller indie promotions if they get fed up with the WWE’s creative decisions. One of those wrestlers was Chris Jericho. Jericho is now an All Elite Wrestling wrestler and he spoke about indie promotions and the AEW on the Busted Open Radio.

"I left WWE and went to Japan, Mox left and came to AEW," Jericho stated. "Look at what happens when a guy that was treading water in WWE, was in a creative slump, shows up in 10 seconds and becomes the best guy in the business.

At the end of Double or Nothing, everyone was talking about Moxley, everyone was talking about Dustin Rhodes. That's why it is good to have an alternative because it is a good opportunity to go and revitalize your career, in one night, in one minute.

That's what happened to both of those guys." Chris Jericho didn’t like some of the creative decisions that the WWE made, especially with his feud with Kevin Owens. He has also questioned WWE’s booking decisions in the past.