Adam Cole Suffers Broken Ankle; Out of AEW WrestleDream


Adam Cole Suffers Broken Ankle; Out of AEW WrestleDream
Adam Cole Suffers Broken Ankle; Out of AEW WrestleDream © WWE/YouTube

In a twist of fate that has left wrestling fans disheartened, Adam Cole, a stalwart of AEW, is once again facing physical adversity. Fresh from his return after a nearly year-long hiatus due to a significant head injury sustained at "Forbidden Door" in 2022, Cole has been sidelined once more.

The recent "AEW Grand Slam" event became the ground for this setback, where Cole incurred an ankle injury. Addressing fans on the latest episode of "AEW Dynamite", a solemn Cole unveiled the extent of his injury, revealing a multi-fractured ankle that demands surgical intervention.

The gravity of the situation almost led to Cole relinquishing the ROH World Tag Team Titles. However, his championship comrade, MJF, showed resilience, opting to face The Righteous solo at the forthcoming AEW WrestleDream in Seattle, WA.

The unfortunate event transpired as Cole, in a spirit of camaraderie, rushed down the ramp to boost MJF's morale during his title defense against ROH World Television Champion, Samoa Joe.

Strong Confronts Cole

Presently, the duration of Cole's absence from the ring remains undisclosed.

Yet, the incident has added another layer to his ongoing narrative with erstwhile ally, Roderick Strong. Strong, currently embroiled in a fictional neck injury plot, made a dramatic appearance during Cole's announcement. In a scene evoking both sympathy and irony, the audience witnessed Strong in a wheelchair, confronting Cole, who stood defiant on crutches.

Adam Cole's wrestling journey has been fraught with challenges, the most recent being his alarming injury. This comes on the heels of his recovery from several concussions, which nearly overshadowed his illustrious career only a year ago.

The champion opened up about the intense emotional battles he faced during those dark days. The AEW community, deeply connected to Cole's journey, anticipates his comeback. Their unwavering support radiates a collective hope, eager to once again witness Cole's resilience in the face of adversity.

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