Jon Moxley Concussion Alters AEW Dynamics; Referee Faces Backlash


Jon Moxley Concussion Alters AEW Dynamics; Referee Faces Backlash
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Wrestling star Jon Moxley's recent injury has thrown a wrench in the plans for the upcoming episodes of "AEW Dynamite". After an unexpected turn of events during his International title bout with Rey Fenix last week, Moxley suffered a concussion, leading to Fenix being crowned the new champion.

The rapid decision was the result of both competitors quickly adapting to the unforeseen circumstances. AEW CEO Tony Khan took to X, the platform previously known as Twitter, to confirm Moxley's current medical status. He relayed that Moxley has not received clearance to wrestle on the popular wrestling program due to his injury.

This announcement comes in tandem with emerging details on the potential consequences of the title match mishap.

Moxley Injury Upends Plans

Renowned wrestling source, Fightful Select, has provided more depth on the matter.

They revealed that Moxley's injury transpired early in the bout and was, notably, not a result of the two Fenix Drivers executed by Fenix towards the match's conclusion. This unexpected injury reportedly threw a curveball into AEW's storyline plans, affecting both the upcoming "Dynamite" and the highly anticipated WrestleDream PPV in Seattle on Sunday.

Original plans reportedly included Moxley retaining the championship and subsequently receiving a challenge from a wrestler outside the AEW roster. With Fenix now holding the title, the initial plans and the surprise element have both been set aside.

Adding another layer of intrigue, Fightful's report indicates growing backstage tension targeting AEW referee Rick Knox. Although Knox enjoys a positive reputation within AEW, sources suggest there's palpable discontent regarding his handling of the match's conclusion.

The primary concerns are whether Knox missed identifying Moxley's concussion in real-time and his alleged misjudgment in not counting the three for Fenix, leading to a visibly frustrated Moxley and a match finale repetition.

In a brighter note amidst the controversies, Khan has given the green light for Fenix to participate in the next "Dynamite" episode. Fenix seized the moment, issuing an open challenge. Wrestling veteran Jeff Jarrett was quick to respond, setting the stage for a must-watch confrontation.

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