Luchasaurus on AEW’s Arrival New Competition for WWE

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Luchasaurus on AEW’s Arrival New Competition for WWE

Luchasaurus is an AEW star and he talked to Wrestling Epicenter about All Elite Wrestling. He hopes that one day AEW will be number 1 in the professional wrestling industry. Luchasaurus is one of AEW’s latest editions and he is a masked wrestler.

Luchasaurus was in action at All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing PPV event. He entered the Casino Battle Royale at position 19 and was eliminated by Adam Page, who won the match in the end. He told Wrestling Epicenter that he is delighted to be part of AEW and states that he thinks that AEW will compete against the WWE.

He feels like the WCW days are back. "Obviously, I'm hopeful it pans out to be something that can rival WWE," Luchasaurus said. "I think everyone is hoping for that—some legitimate competition on American television.

I remember watching WCW and WWE when I was a kid. Then, for 10 years, there was no competition. When I went and signed with WWE in 2012, I really felt it was WWE or bust and there was no wrestling outside of it. That is just the way it felt at the time”.

"Then, this whole indie boom happened to where you could make a living outside of WWE. And now, [AEW is] happening. ... It is just a matter of everyone coming together and doing what WCW couldn't do”.