Chris Jericho on Jon Moxley's appearance in Talk is Jericho podcast

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Chris Jericho on Jon Moxley's appearance in Talk is Jericho podcast

Ever since Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose) made his debut for the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on 25th May in their Double or Nothing show, attention has been doubly seized by the promotion and the former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) star presence in it.

Moxley spoke about his AEW debut in an appearance on the podcast Talk is Jericho, with former pro-wrestling star Chris Jericho. Speaking about his podcast appearance came about, Jericho said, according to Wrestling, Inc., "He (Dean) said he has been going over this podcast in his head for a month.

He was ready to go. This was no 'Hey you want to do a podcast?' This was 'I want to do Talk Is Jericho, I got a lot of stuff I want to say'," Jericho recalled. "So, I went to his house a couple of days before Double or Nothing and it was you press record and an hour and a half later you go thank you.

Nothing really surprises me. I have been there and been through that stuff, the micro-managing, a lot of miscasting. I would find it very eye opening if you are not in the business." Jericho also said he understood why Moxley wanted to quit WWE, adding that the circumstances behind his exit were similar to his when he left the promotion in 2017. But he also added that Moxley faced much more heightened "mental strain" as compared to him.