Eric Bischoff Blunt on AEW: No Sugarcoating


Eric Bischoff Blunt on AEW: No Sugarcoating
Eric Bischoff Blunt on AEW: No Sugarcoating © Cultaholic Wrestling/YouTube

Former WCW powerhouse, Eric Bischoff, didn't hold back when it came to discussing All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and its CEO, Tony Khan, during a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast. The commentary arose when a fan likened him to "Jim Cornette for clicks." Bischoff responded, "I've always been one to tell it like it is.

I'm not angling for a job in the industry, nor am I trying to tread lightly for the sake of friends or family. Sure, there are some inquiries I handle with care, but when it comes to sharing my extensive experience in the wrestling business, both the highs and lows, I'm an open book." He continued, "I often get asked about the challenges AEW faces.

My objective isn't to discredit anyone, but to be honest. Admittedly, sometimes my responses might seem a tad sharp, but that's all part of the entertainment factor of our discussions. Ask me something, and you can expect a straightforward answer."

Bischoff's AEW Predictions

Bischoff took a moment to reflect on his past predictions about AEW.

"Two years back, I had voiced concerns about AEW's potential growth trajectory. I felt that without adopting a more nuanced storytelling method, they might hit a plateau." According to him, the viewership stats for "AEW Dynamite" today somewhat vindicate his earlier projections, showing stagnation or even a slight decline.

Despite his criticisms, Bischoff had words of praise for Tony Khan. "Tony's an outstanding individual, and his support for the AEW talent is unquestionable," he mentioned. However, Bischoff feels it's crucial to highlight areas he sees as evident shortcomings in the brand.

The wrestling industry always buzzes with diverse opinions, and as platforms like "83 Weeks" provide an avenue for industry stalwarts like Bischoff to share their views, audiences can expect many more candid discussions about the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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