Booker T on Use of Blood in Wrestling

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Booker T on Use of Blood in Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling promised its fans that they would be a different wrestling promotion. They said that they would not be like the WWE! The AEW wants to work like a sports brand and focus more on the wrestling aspect of professional wrestling.

They will work on creating great storylines and tell a story in the ring. All Elite Wrestling organized their first PPV event about a week ago. The event was called Double or Nothing and took place in Las Vegas. Cody vs. Dustin took place in the event.

The match was a complete bloodbath! The amount of blood shocked a number of fans. The WWE has stopped using blood in its matches and we haven’t seen a bloody match in the WWE for a very long time. On his podcast, Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about how he felt about the use of blood in the match.

"If there is blood, people are going to tune in'" said Booker. "For Pay-Per-view you can step outside the box, be a bit edgier. That is why it is called Pay-Per-View because you are going to see more than you do on television, It's bigger.

Something like that is needed for the business." "It was a bloodbath, they did everything. It was like a 1980's match, "Booker stated. We might see more matches like Cody vs. Dustin in the AEW in the future.