Tony Khan Unveils Adam Copeland’s AEW Contract Terms

AEW's latest acquisition promises a game-changing presence on-screen.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tony Khan Unveils Adam Copeland’s AEW Contract Terms
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In a surprising turn of events, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has welcomed a familiar face from WWE—Adam Copeland, popularly known to the wrestling universe as Edge. The electrifying revelation came to light at the recent WrestleDream event.

The iconic star marked his debut in a dramatic fashion, coming face-to-face with Christian Cage, a partner from his WWE days. Fans anticipated a reunion, but the tables turned when Copeland valiantly intervened to rescue Sting and Darby Allin from a fierce onslaught by Cage, Luchasaurus, and a fresh addition to the fray, Nick Wayne.

As events unfurled, Copeland managed to fend off Luchasaurus and Wayne. Yet, in a suspenseful moment, Cage narrowly evaded a confrontation, leaving fans eagerly waiting for a probable future face-off between the two long-time comrades.

Khan Confirms Copeland's Role

Post the WrestleDream gala, Tony Khan, AEW's President and CEO, addressed the media. He shared some exhilarating details about Copeland’s role in AEW. Khan stated, “Adam Copeland is now officially part of the AEW family.

What thrills me, even more, is the commitment he’s shown. Adam isn’t here just for cameo appearances; he’s here full-time. He's not just a temporary spectacle; he's a full-fledged member of the AEW roster, and we will witness his prowess every week”.

As wrestling enthusiasts might recall, Adam Copeland last graced the WWE ring during the August 18th edition of SmackDown, squaring off against Sheamus. Speculations were rife then that this face-off signaled the end of his tenure with WWE, given the nearing expiration of his contract.

These rumors found substance when his association with WWE officially concluded on September 30th, paving the way for his grand appearance at WrestleDream. With Copeland’s transition to AEW, the wrestling landscape is brimming with anticipation. Fans are eager to witness how this switch influences AEW dynamics and what new narratives unfurl.

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