Adam Copeland Emotional AEW Debut with 'Metalingus' Soundtrack

Copeland's deep bond with music unveils another chapter.

by Atia Mukhtar
Adam Copeland Emotional AEW Debut with 'Metalingus' Soundtrack
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In a recent emotional disclosure, Adam Copeland shed light on the profound significance behind his illustrious theme song and its pivotal role during his grand entrance at WrestleDream. On Sunday, the wrestling world witnessed Copeland’s electrifying debut in AEW.

As he entered the ring, the air was filled with the compelling notes of Alter Bridge's "Metalingus." Reflecting on this momentous occasion during the post-WrestleDream press gathering, the wrestling maestro, once celebrated as "Edge," articulated his unwavering connection to this track and its embodiment in his wrestling journey.

“Alter Bridge isn’t just a band to me; they’re kin. Particularly Mark Tremonti, the genius behind 'Metalingus,' has always been a cherished friend. That song embodies a piece of my soul, and it will accompany me wherever my wrestling odyssey takes me," remarked the Hall of Famer.

Metalingus: A Fateful Encounter

Copeland nostalgically recounted the indelible moment when he first encountered the power of "Metalingus." He said, “My connection to music has always been intrinsic. It doesn't just set the ambiance; it fuels the essence of my persona.

I can vividly recall the maiden time I resonated with this track at Mark's residence. Ironically, this was shortly after an amusing incident where I spilled beer on his floor. As Mark unveiled this masterpiece, with its raw lyrical beauty, I was battling a neck injury.

Mesmerized, I instantly beseeched, 'Could this be my anthem?' To which Mark, despite our nascent friendship, responded, 'Absolutely, my friend.' " Reiterating its monumental relevance, Copeland shared an intimate conversation he had with Tremonti prior to his AEW premiere, where he sought the latter’s blessings to resonate with "Metalingus" again.

He said, "Two decades into our bond, when I reached out to Mark, his affirmation was unequivocal. It would have felt incongruous to associate my debut with any other tune." In a noteworthy revelation post this AEW debut, sources have illuminated that WWE, contrary to popular belief, never possessed the rights to "Metalingus." Additionally, they reportedly relinquished the renewal of the "Rated-R Superstar" moniker, further intensifying the buzz in the wrestling fraternity.

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