AEW's Adam Copeland on Why He & WWE Parted Ways


AEW's Adam Copeland on Why He & WWE Parted Ways
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Adam "Edge" Copeland, a celebrated name in the wrestling world and a WWE Hall of Famer, has recently become the latest to transition from WWE to AEW. Making his striking debut at AEW WrestleDream, Copeland had an intense face-off with his long-time comrade, Christian Cage.

This move, unsurprisingly, has stirred the pot among loyal WWE fans, leading to a divide in opinion regarding his decision to join the competition. Responding to this chatter, Copeland recently took to the platform X, previously known as Twitter, in the wake of the much-discussed pay-per-view event.

He shared some candid thoughts, expressing a genuine desire to seek novel challenges, the thrill of engaging with old friends in a new setting, and the prospect of fresh matchups that AEW uniquely presents.

Copeland's WWE Gratitude

In his statement, Copeland expressed his enduring gratitude to WWE, saying, "The bond and appreciation I hold for WWE are profound.

They were instrumental in sculpting my career, gifting me invaluable opportunities, and through mutual dedication, we crafted a legacy. Moreover, thanks to WWE, I met the love of my life, paving the way for my cherished family.

Yet, like many relationships, there's sometimes a natural path divergence. It feels as though WWE and I have journeyed all we could together. Their vision for my role seemed limited, and I yearned for a broader horizon. But my respect remains.

I'll continue being an avid viewer, cheering for my friends who still grace the WWE stage." The iconic "Rated R Superstar" emphasised the essence of the wrestling community. He believes fans shouldn't feel compelled to pledge allegiance to one promotion over another.

Wrestling, at its core, is about entertainment and joy. He urged fans to embrace this sentiment, asking them to relax and relish the sport. Driven as ever, Copeland assured his followers that he remains committed to delivering exhilarating performances.

He invited his WWE fans, urging them to accompany him as he embarks on this exciting new chapter. Previously, Copeland mentioned that a significant reason for his move was to "reignite the fun" with Jay, familiarly known as Christian Cage, his best friend.

As things stand, intriguing dynamics are developing on-screen. Fans eagerly await Copeland's upcoming match against Luchasaurus, Cage's trusted ally, set to occur later this month.

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