Bryan Danielson Speaks About Match with Zack Sabre Jr


Bryan Danielson Speaks About Match with Zack Sabre Jr
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Bryan Danielson is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, and he recently fought Zack Sabre at WrestleDream, a PPV organized by AEW. Bryan Danielson was known as Daniel Bryan in the WWE. In the WWE, he was one of the top guys.

He has won many important titles at WWE.

Bryan Danielson Comments on His Victory Over Zack Sabre Jr

Like some WWE wrestlers, Bryan left the WWE to join AEW, and was at one time one of the locker room leaders soon after he made his debut.

Even though he has injured himself many times in the past and was forced to retire a few times, he is still going pretty strong. Many people call Bryan the best technical wrestler in the world. Zack Sabre Jr recently challenged Bryan to determine who is the best technical wrestler in the world.

At WrestleDream, these the two wrestlers faced each other. Bryan eventually won the match, even though the match was very close and could have gone either way. After the match Bryan gave an interview, where he stated that he could not convince himself that he is the best technical wrestler in the world.

The Best Technical Wrestler in the world title is also unofficial. "One of the selling points of this match is that we are going to find out who the best technical wrestler in the world is, and in theory, the idea is the winner of the match is the better technical wrestler.

Being in the match, I won the match, but I am not convinced that I was the better technical wrestler," Danielson said during the post-show media scrum. "He was doing things that were quite frankly unbelievable and great." Bryan’s injuries have kept him out of action for considerable amounts of time.

He is a full-time AEW wrestler, but he could not fight for several months after he fractured his forearm. His forearm was pushed to the limit during his match with Zack. He stated that his wrist and hand were very swollen after the match.

According to Bryan, Zack is a different wrestler. Bryan faced Zack back in 2008, and Bryan believes Zack has improved a lot since then. Zack was also very skinny at that time. "Sometimes I'm out there and I would love to get an EKG on my brain when I'm wrestling, because there's the part that's aggressive and you're in it," he said.

"But there's also the part where you're just like, 'Oh, I'm in awe of what he's doing right now.' It was a super cool match for me to have."

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