Earl Hebner on Loving AEW

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Earl Hebner on Loving AEW

The casual fan may not know about how important a good referee is for an important match. Referees play a huge role in how a professional wrestling match plays out. The WWE regularly passes instructions to the referee from backstage.

They are the ones that pass it to the wrestlers. In old school wrestling, some referees even passed blades to the wrestlers for blading. Earl Hebner is one of the most well-known professional wrestling referees. He has officiated some of the most important wrestling matches over the past 2 decades.

He is now with All Elite Wrestling. Earl spoke to Bill Apter at a New Jersey during a convention. He praised the AEW and stated that they are a fantastic company. "They're a great company. I feel privileged and honored to be with them," Hebner said about AEW.

It's going to wake up a lot of people around the world, in the wrestling business especially the WWE. It's gonna be a world war. This company-it's just so many good things for me to say about AEW. It's hard to get it all."

Earl is known for his work in the WWE. He has taken many shots from the world’s most famous wrestlers and was behind some of the best spots that included referees in the WWE. He is well respected and even casual fans know about him.