Road Dogg Comments on The Gunns Adopting His Punches in AEW

Road Dogg weighs in on iconic DX gesture's use.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg Comments on The Gunns Adopting His Punches in AEW
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WWE's Attitude Era was known for its iconic characters, among them the dynamic tag team duo, The New Age Outlaws — Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Their contributions to wrestling were momentous as core members of the D-Generation X stable.

Given Road Dogg's close bond with Gunn, it was only a matter of time before the next generation of the Gunn family came into the limelight. In a recent episode of his podcast, "Oh, You Didn't Know," Road Dogg delved deep into discussions about Billy Gunn's sons, Austin and Colten.

During this riveting conversation, Casio Kid, the co-host, brought to light that The Gunns, especially Austin, have been emulating one of Road Dogg's signature moves: the Shake, Rattle and Roll. While Kid pointed out a perceived lack of finesse in their execution, describing it as "shoddy," Road Dogg displayed a more optimistic perspective.

Instead of taking offense, the Hall of Famer expressed flattery, but he emphasized the need for the Gunns to bring originality to the move. "Austin should refine the move, make it uniquely his, and identify the nuances that make it fluid," Road Dogg elaborated.

DX Legacy Continues

Additionally, the topic of The Gunns using DX's notorious "suck it" taunt was broached. To this, the WWE Hall of Famer playfully retorted, "Why shouldn’t they? Their father was an integral part of the DX legacy.

It's not akin to what the Bullet Club did. And let’s be clear; I'm not taking jabs at anyone. Many have used the 'suck it' gesture." As the world of wrestling continues to evolve, AEW recently showcased The Gunns' prowess at their WrestleDream pay-per-view.

The brothers were contenders in a high-stakes four-way tag team bout, vying for a chance at the AEW World Tag Team titles. However, the ultimate victory was clinched by The Young Bucks. With legends like Road Dogg actively discussing the new talents and the ever-shifting dynamics of wrestling, fans can only anticipate what's next for the industry.

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