Edge's Potential AEW Impact


Edge's Potential AEW Impact
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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, always one to share his unfiltered opinions on the world of professional wrestling, recently spoke about Adam Copeland, famously known as Edge, purportedly joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on his popular Hall of Fame podcast.

Booker emphasized that Edge, in the twilight of his illustrious career, seems unbothered by the opinions of others, displaying an inclination towards pursuing his passion and creativity over sticking to the strict, pre-ordained scripts of WWE.

"Edge has moved on. He’s looking forward to letting this new chapter ride as long as he can, prioritizing fun and creativity at this stage of his career," articulated the Hall of Famer. Further delving into the potential for Copeland in AEW, Booker T touched on the compelling allure of creative freedom, which is often cited as a significant perk by wrestlers who transition to the promotion.

“When you’ve been constrained under a system where you’re predominantly executing others’ ideas and suddenly you’re handed the reigns to inject your own creativity unbridled, that’s a breath of fresh air," Booker stated.

Edge Elevates AEW

The podcast emphasized that AEW, with its relatively more liberal approach towards wrestler autonomy in their characters and storylines, has been a platform where veterans and emerging talents alike, such as Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, have been able to seamlessly mesh their own innovative concepts into the weekly episodes.

This progressive ethos could provide a fertile ground for Edge to not only continue his legacy but also to potentially mold and mentor the burgeoning talents with whom he will share the stage. Booker T affirmed, “Adding Edge into the mix at AEW isn’t merely about him ‘getting his.’ If I know Edge, and I think I do, it’s less about personal gain and more about him lending his expertise and star power to elevate everything and everyone around him as he journeys through this new chapter”.

In sum, with Edge, a venerable figure in pro wrestling, reportedly navigating towards AEW, the implications are twofold: it’s a probable gain for Edge in terms of creative latitude, and a likely boon for AEW, amplifying its roster with a well-versed and still very much adored performer, thereby solidifying its stance in the ongoing wrestling war against WWE.

The move could mark another milestone where professional wrestlers seek more than just a spotlight, aiming for a space where their creative voices are not only heard but celebrated.

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