Billie Starkz Joins AEW Roster


Billie Starkz Joins AEW Roster
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All Elite Wrestling's women's roster has added another feather to its cap with the acquisition of the dynamic teenage sensation, Billie Starkz. The young trailblazer announced her official entry into AEW during an appearance on "Wrestling Observer Live," where she confidently referred to herself as a "signed talent." While the exact timing of the signing remains undisclosed, the buzz surrounding it is palpable.

Before this grand revelation, Starkz already graced the AEW stage during the tail end of the previous year with "AEW Dark." But her formidable journey began even before her AEW stint, showcasing her prowess on Ring of Honor's screen.

Fans of ROH will fondly remember Starkz for her standout performances and her alliance with the ROH Women's World Champion, Athena, under whose tutelage Starkz has significantly evolved.

Starkz's Global Ambitions

Starkz's ambitions stretch far and wide.

In a recent statement, she elucidated her five-year roadmap, which includes achieving financial independence through professional wrestling, globe-trotting, and setting up a home of her own. AEW might be her latest venture, but Starkz's wrestling portfolio boasts some impressive credentials.

She has made waves in the American independent circuit, with commendable stints in organizations like Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro. Moreover, her wrestling prowess is recognized globally, courtesy of her tours with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling in Japan and Pro Wrestling EVE in the UK.

At just 18, Starkz isn't just limiting her ambitions to the wrestling ring. She's gearing up to juggle her wrestling commitments with academic pursuits, aiming to secure a two-year degree in business and marketing via online education.

Starkz considers this academic endeavor as an astute backup strategy, safeguarding her future from any potential hurdles she might face in her wrestling career. In the high-octane world of professional wrestling, Billie Starkz's story stands out, offering a fusion of youthful zeal, professional commitment, and foresight. Her journey is sure to inspire many and enhance AEW's ever-growing appeal.