Ariane Andrew Speaks About Possible WWE Return


Ariane Andrew Speaks About Possible WWE Return
Ariane Andrew Speaks About Possible WWE Return © SEScoops/Website

For many wrestlers in the world, the WWE is their final goal. Only a small amount of wrestlers in the world make it to the WWE. Most of them never win a title in the promotion and are either used as mid-card wrestlers or jobbers.

Ariane May Not Return to the WWE Anytime Soon As She Has Other Plans

These days wrestlers that cannot make it to the WWE have options. They can join AEW, Impact Wrestling, or NJPW. However, most wrestlers wish to work for an American promotion, as most of the best wrestlers in the world are from America.

Ariane Andrew has wrestled in a WWE ring before. She made a cameo appearance in 2022 at the women’s Royal Rumble. That was the last time we saw her inside a WWE ring. She joined the WWE as a full-time wrestler in 2016. Since leaving the WWE, many people have asked her whether she will ever return to the WWE, which is by far the largest wrestling promotion in the world.

She recently spoke to WrestlingNews.Co about it and stated that she does have some unfinished business in the WWE, but she isn’t looking to make a comeback just yet. "One thing I will say is when people always ask, it's always so specific.

'Are you returning back to WWE?' Where it's like — why does it have to be just one place? There's opportunity in other places, you know what I mean?" she said. "I'm doing my own thing right now, and let's just see what happens." Ariane has also worked for AEW.

She is in the process of launching Pound Town Wrestling, which will be an independent promotion. Impact Wrestling is also another option for her, as their women’s division is doing very well these days. Trinity Fatu is her former tag team partner.

Trinity currently holds the Knockouts Title and the idea of Trinity and Ariane getting back together is exciting for many of her fans. "I am hoping, especially now with me venturing out and doing my own thing and creating my own promotion and stuff like that.

I feel like we're now in a place where we can kind of walk to the beat of our own drum with doing things how we want to do it, I feel like there's an opportunity there," she said. For many wrestlers, the WWE is not the last destination.

Many former WWE wrestlers do not have good things to say about the company. So instead of going back to WWE, they join other promotions, where they are paid less, but also have more time to relax and spend time with friends and family members.