Mickie James Speaks About Adam Copeland and The Idea of Freedom


Mickie James Speaks About Adam Copeland and The Idea of Freedom
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Mickie James is one of the most popular female wrestlers of all time. She is a former WWE wrestler, and fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers of her time. Mickie was a very good technical wrestler, but also had very good mic skills.

After she ended her first run in the WWE, she made a huge name for herself in Impact Wrestling. At Impact Wrestling, she led the women’s division and won the Knockout Title during her time there. She was part of some of the most important storylines that the WWE and Impact Wrestling has at the time she was working for them.

Mickie James Believes that Adam Just Wanted More Freedom

Recently Adam Copeland joined AEW. Adam was known as ‘Edge’ in the WWE, and he is a WWE Hall of Famer. Many WWE wrestlers join AEW as AEW offers its wrestler more freedom and an easier work environment.

Edge has been a very loyal WWE performer for a very long time. He even had to retire nearly a decade ago due to a bad neck injury, but made his WWE return several years ago. He was immediately put in the most important storylines when he returned.

However, Edge’s time in the WWE was coming to an end, as it could be felt that he would not be part of big storylines if he stayed at the WWE. Mickie James likes the idea of Copeland joining AEW, where he will have more freedom to reinvent himself.

This is similar to how Mickie James reinvented herself and became Hardcore country in Impact Wrestling, that made her famous in the professional wrestling industry again. "I can understand when Adam says, 'Oh, the freedom,' because I have so much freedom in Impact," James said on "Busted Open Radio" recently.

"And that's a reason why I stay and I love, is because of the freedom." She also understands that people change with time. Adam has children and he probably wishes to spend more time with them. He could not have done this if he stayed with the WWE, as the WWE schedule is very hectic and most wrestlers spend most of their time on the road.

"I'm sure that the AEW schedule is demanding, but I'm sure it's not as demanding as WWE's schedule," James said. Adam has reported signed as a full-time AEW wrestler, which is quite surprising. In WWE, he was expected to become a part-time wrestler. His first official match will be taking place on the 10th of October on Dynamite.

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