Nick Mondo on Jon Moxley’s’ Video and Questions

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Nick Mondo on Jon Moxley’s’ Video and Questions

CZW had Mick Mondo working for them at one time and he was one of their best wrestlers of all time. He is also part of the CZW Hall of Fame and retired in 2003. He is now a filmmaker. Jon Moxley contacted Mondo for his Prison Break film.

The film was shot before Moxley left the WWE. According to Mondo, it was actually filmed a few months before he left the WWE and his contract expiration. Mondo was part of a WINCLY podcast episode, where he was asked whether he knew where Moxley was headed to.

"With Jon I didn't really ask him those questions because you could tell that he doesn't want to feel nervous about secrets getting out," said Mondo. "I don't think he quite knew what he was gonna do but he wanted to let everyone know that he was available.

I'm sure every wrestling company was hitting him up, but at the time we made the video in late February, I don't think he even knew what he was gonna do." Many people thought that Moxley would step away from professional wrestling and spend time with his family.

Many reports suggested that he would not be joining the AEW after his time with WWE was up. That is why, many people were surprised when Jon Moxley appeared at AEW Double or Nothing.