Jon Moxley's thoughts on AEW WrestleDream commentary

Jon Moxley's Versatility Shines Beyond the Wrestling Ring

by Noman Rasool
Jon Moxley's thoughts on AEW WrestleDream commentary
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Seattle, WA - At the recent AEW WrestleDream event in Seattle, fans were surprised not to see Jon Moxley in the ring. This absence was due to Moxley's recent concussion, which he sustained during an International Title defense against Rey Fenix on the Dynamite Grand Slam episode on September 20th.

In a show of sportsmanship, Moxley allowed Fenix to secure the victory, subsequently relinquishing the title due to his condition. Following the injury, Moxley has been wisely kept out of the ring to facilitate his recovery.

However, AEW had a different plan for Jon Moxley at WrestleDream – they utilized his talent on the commentary desk. Moxley took on the role of announcer for matches involving his Blackpool Combat Club group, adding a unique perspective to the commentary booth.

He lent his voice to Claudio Castagnoli's impressive win over Josh Barnett on the pre-show, witnessed Wheeler Yuta's valiant effort against Ricky Starks, and provided insight during the electrifying "dream match" between Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr.

What stood out during Moxley's commentary stint were his candid expressions, including the occasional swear word. Moxley openly acknowledged that he had been fined for his colorful language on air. In fact, Excalibur, his fellow commentator, even playfully referenced a "swear jar" to collect his fines during the broadcast.

Moxley on Commentary Challenges

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Jon Moxley offered insights into his commentary experience. He admitted that it was a lot more challenging than it might seem. Drawing from his previous experience in WWE, he explained the complexities of the role, which involve constant communication with the production team, adhering to strict timing, and avoiding talking over others.

Moxley remarked, "There is a lot of traffic to navigate," highlighting the intricacies of providing engaging commentary. Despite his initial reservations, Moxley expressed that he had a great time fulfilling this role. He humorously reflected on the unexpected opportunities he's had outside of wrestling, from starring in a movie to authoring a book, and now, commentating.

He concluded, "I don't know how I keep getting so lucky." As Jon Moxley continues his road to recovery, fans can certainly appreciate his versatility and willingness to contribute to AEW in various capacities, making his presence felt both in and out of the ring.

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