Top Impact Wrestler Was Nearly Part of Double or Nothing

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Top Impact Wrestler Was Nearly Part of Double or Nothing

In the world of professional wrestling, it isn’t uncommon to see wrestlers from one promotion end up in another promotion. Wrestlers can make surprise appearances at other promotions and get cheered if they are famous.

Heel wrestlers come to ruin a show if they are called! The WWE isn’t very open and doesn’t allow its wrestlers to participate in any even organized by another promotion. Some promotions are exactly like the WWE in this regard.

Impact Wrestling disallowed Brain Cage from appearing at the Casino Battle Royale which was part of the AEW Double or Nothing pre-show. Brian Cage is the current Impact World Champion. According to a few reports, Brian Cage was at the MGM Grand backstage which is in Las Vegas.

He was all ready to make a surprise appearance according to PWInsider. Impact officials called him after they found out that Cage was over there. They told him that he should not appear at the event, because it would be a breach of his contract with Impact Wrestling.

We do not know about what the plans for Cage were though. We know that he wasn’t officially announced for the event. A member of Impact’s creative team did participate in the Casino Battle Royale though. That member was Tommy Dreamer, who is also a professional wrestling veteran. He could do that because he is not under contract to any wrestling promotion.