Why Did Anthony Bowens Thank Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy After AEW Rampage?

Iconic wrestling duo encounters heartfelt backstage appreciation post-match.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Did Anthony Bowens Thank Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy After AEW Rampage?
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Embracing a captivating moment within the high-energy arena of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), The Hardys—Matt and Jeff—found themselves not just in a fierce contention for the AEW World Trios Championship alongside ally Isiah Kassidy but also in a deeply humbling post-match scenario.

Their performance, although not securing the gold, unveiled a heartwarming backstage revelation that intricately tied the past and present together, enhancing the multifaceted nature of the pro-wrestling world. In a backstage moment, ripe with emotion and sincerity, Anthony Bowens, one-third of the AEW World Trios Champions, extended his gratitude towards the Hardy brothers, unraveling the threads of his personal journey and his formative years shaped significantly by the iconic duo.

"I just want to thank you and Jeff. I don't think you realize when I was growing up you guys were my favorite. You guys made me feel like it's okay to be different, you don't have to be like everybody else," Bowens expressed, as shared by Matt Hardy on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy."

The Hardys' Influence

Revered for their avant-garde aesthetics and unabashedly distinctive presence, particularly throughout the electrifying times of the Attitude Era, The Hardys—with their long hair, innovative ring gear, and dynamic vibrant colors—navigated through the cluttered and competitive roster, etching their unique brand into the WWE lore and validating the ethos of individuality among countless admirers, Anthony Bowens included.

Bowens, a striking figure in the wrestling landscape, stands as a testament to the profound influence of The Hardys. His earnest and forthcoming demeanor, especially as one of the comparatively few openly gay pro wrestlers, is paving new pathways, meticulously dismantling barriers, and crafting a legacy of inspiration for subsequent generations in the sport.

Reflecting upon the interaction, Hardy articulated, "It was cool to get in the ring with him," further acknowledging his admiration for everything Bowens symbolizes. This touching intersection of past inspirations and present-day embodiments of diversity and resilience within the wrestling domain underscores not only the personal journeys of the athletes but also casts a spotlight on the permeating, enduring impact of symbols of defiance and non-conformity through generations.

Acknowledgement: For direct quotes in this article, credit is attributed to "Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy," with H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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