Does Top AEW Star Act Mirror Chelsea Green 'Hot Mess' Gimmick, Asks Konnan?


Does Top AEW Star Act Mirror Chelsea Green 'Hot Mess' Gimmick, Asks Konnan?
Does Top AEW Star Act Mirror Chelsea Green 'Hot Mess' Gimmick, Asks Konnan? © WWEMusic/YouTube

In the vivid, ever-changing landscape of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), Toni Storm has undergone a character metamorphosis that has caught not only fans' eyes but also raised eyebrows among wrestling elites. Her evolving demeanor, vividly showcased in the gripping finale of "Portrait of a Star" series, explores the psychological breakdown of her character, ultimately leading to the advent of a somewhat chaotic and enigmatic persona - "Timeless Toni Storm" - characterized by conspicuously smeared makeup and a tempestuous new attitude.

Wrestling aficionado and veteran Konnan, however, spots a reminiscent echo in Storm’s new avatar. Speaking on the 'Keepin' It 100' podcast, he articulated a similarity with Chelsea Green’s "Hot Mess" gimmick from her tenure with IMPACT Wrestling.

He mused, "You know what she reminded me of a little bit. Remember when Chelsea Green was the [Hot] mess in IMPACT, she had the wedding dress on and the smeared lipstick."

Green's Impactful Run

Chelsea Green, during her impactful run in IMPACT Wrestling, embraced her "Hot Mess" alter-ego, a seemingly unhinged character defined by a chaotic bridal aesthetic and erratic behavior.

This notable gimmick not only elevated her career but also saw her clinching the Knockout Championship, solidifying her legacy in the wrestling arena. As for Toni Storm, her new demeanor was unveiled to a live audience on a recent episode of Dynamite, garnering a flurry of reactions from fans and critics alike.

The smeared makeup, the novel look, and the enigmatic vibe of "Timeless Toni Storm" have been received with open arms and pervasive commendation from the wrestling community. Interestingly, WWE veteran Bully Ray, known for his candid critiques, showered praises on Toni Storm and her evolving character during an interview.

"I love what she's doing right now," he acclaimed. He further mentioned, "The whole British thing, I really, really enjoyed it ... The match between Toni Storm and Saraya was entertaining, I really do." In the dynamic realm of professional wrestling, where character transformations are paramount, Toni Storm appears to be successfully navigating through her narrative evolution.

But does it subtly mirror Chelsea Green's past character as opined by Konnan, or is it charting its own unique path? Fans and critics alike will follow her journey, debating parallels, and enjoying the captivating world of AEW.

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