Did Tony Khan Just Throw Shade at Vince McMahon?


Did Tony Khan Just Throw Shade at Vince McMahon?
Did Tony Khan Just Throw Shade at Vince McMahon? © Forbes/YouTube

Ahead of an intense ratings face-off between AEW Dynamite: Title Tuesday and WWE NXT, the world of professional wrestling has been set abuzz by a controversial Twitter exchange. The epicenter of this online storm is AEW President Tony Khan, who has never been one to shy away from expressing his thoughts.

With both wrestling promotions preparing for tonight's showdown, they've been aggressively showcasing their top stars, gearing up with enticing match cards. WWE recently raised the stakes by announcing that the first 30 minutes of their NXT show would be aired without any commercials.

In a bold retort, Khan took to Twitter, asserting that Dynamite would mirror the move, also starting commercial-free.

Khan's Bold Retort

The online fervor didn't stop there. When a fan expressed skepticism about tuning into Dynamite, Khan sharply retorted by posting a GIF of wrestler Roderick Strong with the caption, "Who gives a ." Clearly, Khan exudes confidence in the quality of AEW's offerings.

This online back-and-forth garnered even more attention when another fan pointed out the potential backlash Vince McMahon, WWE Executive Chairman, would face if he made a similar comment. To this, Khan didn't pull any punches.

He swiftly responded with a statement highlighting the recent accusations hovering over McMahon: "If Sir Vince McMahon said this, it would be the least of his alleged misdeeds." Khan's tweet alludes to allegations suggesting McMahon made substantial settlements and NDA payments in relation to accusations ranging from misconduct and alleged rape to abuse of power.

With such charged sentiments openly exchanged on a public platform, it's clear that the rivalry between AEW and WWE is escalating. Wrestling aficionados can certainly expect more fireworks as the competition between the two promotions intensifies. Only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this battle for ratings supremacy.

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