Ex-WWE Star Clinches World Title: Missing from AEW – What Happened?

Spears stuns the world outside AEW's spotlight.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Clinches World Title: Missing from AEW – What Happened?
© Chrinigma/YouTube

In a turn of events that took the wrestling world by storm, Shawn Spears, a prominent figure known in WWE as Tye Dillinger and currently signed to AEW, has clinched a world title, even though he's been noticeably absent from the AEW scene for months.

Since AEW's inception, Spears has been an integral part of its ensemble, donning the persona of "The Chair Man." However, the buzz around the wrestling community is that the top brass at AEW seems to have no immediate plans for him.

This hiatus has possibly spurred Spears to traverse the indie circuit, refining his skills and stoking his competitive flame ahead of a much-anticipated return to AEW television. Recent headlines reveal that Shawn Spears has notched up an impressive feat by snatching the world championship belt at Australia's renowned World Series Wrestling (WSW).

The WSW Full Throttle tour's inaugural night witnessed Spears in an electrifying match against Matt Cardona, another WWE alumnus known as Zack Ryder, and walking away with the coveted title.

Shawn Spears Boldly Addresses Wrestling

Following his momentous victory, Spears exhibited an air of newfound confidence, echoing sentiments of his capabilities and sending a clear message to wrestling's heavyweights.

He exclaimed, "This World Title signifies my mettle under pressure. Down Under, I've demonstrated that even titans in indie wrestling can be toppled. For years, the narrative has been 'Shawn is underappreciated, underexploited'

This shoutout goes to all the wrestlers and notably, the promoters - it's high time you recognize and reward my prowess. If my dues aren't given, I'm prepared to seize them." Shawn Spears' world tour continues as he seeks to solidify his status in the wrestling domain.

The wrestling community remains abuzz with speculation, and many are eagerly awaiting news about Spears' eventual return to AEW. For now, all eyes are on the horizon, waiting to see what the Jacksonville-based promotion's next move will be.