Jon Moxley is The New IWGP Champion

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Jon Moxley is The New IWGP Champion

One of the best WWE wrestlers of recent time was Dean Ambrose. He was a member of The Shield, who were one of the most dangerous factions of the WWE at a time. Dean Ambrose was known as Jon Moxley on the indie circuit. He was a well-known indie wrestler before he joined the WWE.

Dean Ambrose is now again know as Jon Moxley and he is no longer part of the WWE. He is now signed with All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is one of the richest wrestling promotions of the world, even though they have just started.

They are backed by a billionaire, and can sign almost any wrestler that they want. Jon Moxley can wrestle for other promotions if he wants to. He recently fought his first title match outside of the WWE and won a title. He wrestled Juice Robinson and won his IWGP United States Title at the Best of The Super Juniors Finals.

Juice defended his title a total of four times, after he beat Cody Rhodes for it. The match took place at Wrestle Kingdom 13. Moxley had to fight really hard to get the title off of Juice. He won by pinning Juice after using his new finisher called The Death Rider. It is a variation of Dirty Deeds, which is a high angle double DDT.