Hikaru Shida Conquers Saraya on AEW Dynamite, Breaks Silence


Hikaru Shida Conquers Saraya on AEW Dynamite, Breaks Silence
Hikaru Shida Conquers Saraya on AEW Dynamite, Breaks Silence © The FINAL MONSTER/YouTube

In a thrilling showdown on AEW Dynamite's Title Tuesday, Hikaru Shida emerged victoriously, securing the AEW Women's World Champion title for an unprecedented third time, besting the formidable Saraya, previously known as Paige, in the squared circle.

The night was electric as AEW Dynamite curated a loaded match card, pitting itself in direct competition with WWE NXT, showcasing a night filled with high stakes and relentless competition. Among the headlining bouts was Saraya defending her esteemed Women's World Title against Hikaru Shida, a two-time former champion with eyes set on a triumphant third reign.

The clash inside the ring was nothing short of exceptional, with both athletes displaying a blend of technique, aggression, and sheer determination. Amidst the battle, Ruby Soho made an unanticipated intrusion, only to be dispatched off by the fearless Toni Storm, erstwhile of the Outcasts faction.

Shida's Historic Triumph

As the dust settled in the ring, it was Hikaru Shida's arm that was raised, marking her ascendancy as a three-time All Elite Women's Champion, a feat untouched in the annals of AEW history. The excitement coursing through Shida's veins found its way onto social media, where she took to Twitter, unveiling her elation to a global fanbase.

Accompanying a snapshot of herself, gleaming title around her waist, she penned, "AaaahaahahAaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first 3 time AEW Women's World Champion ever!!!!!!!!! (Why my face always green🙄) おらーーー!ー!!!!三度目!!!

! !," echoing the jubilance of making history.

The victory not only etched Shida's name in the golden records of AEW but also ignited the spirits of countless aspiring wrestlers and fans alike.

This momentous occasion has certainly solidified Hikaru Shida's legacy, showcasing a narrative of resilience, ambition, and the undying pursuit of glory in the competitive world of professional wrestling. Her journey, marked by indelible bouts and now a historic third championship reign, continues to be a captivating saga in the AEW women's division.

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