Edge vs. Cage: AEW's Next Unforgettable Rivalry?

Jim Ross reveals heartwarming and intense behind-the-scenes tales.

by Noman Rasool
Edge vs. Cage: AEW's Next Unforgettable Rivalry?
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In a captivating episode of his "Grillin JR" podcast, esteemed Hall of Famer Jim Ross shared insights on the dynamic between wrestling stars Adam Copeland and Christian Cage in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) universe, revealing both personal and professional perspectives.

Ross vividly recalled a heartwarming breakfast meeting with Adam Copeland, professionally known as Edge, in Salt Lake City, on the very day of his much-anticipated AEW debut on TNT and Collision. The meeting, characterized by the warmth of old friendships and mutual admiration, deliberately sidestepped the typical wrestling chatter, avoiding discussions about maneuvers like headlocks or comebacks.

Instead, it was a deep dive into their shared history and the touching bond Ross shares with Copeland’s mother over their collective adoration of the Eagles. Edge, despite being 50 and having encountered multiple injuries through his career, was effervescent about still being an active part of the wrestling fraternity.

He feels invigorated by AEW’s talent-friendly schedule and demonstrates his enduring physical prowess, as was evident in his exceedingly physical bout with Luchasaurus on a recent Tuesday night. Ross attests to Edge's commitment and robust health, ensuring fans that the wrestler still has ample to showcase in the ring.

Anticipating Epic Showdown

Christian Cage, on the other hand, is ingeniously carving out his space as a notable heel in the wrestling narrative, accumulating a riveting antagonistic aura that naturally draws the ire of the audience.

The intensity of Cage's heel persona, which makes fans itch to land a slap on him every time he appears, is nothing short of phenomenal. Ross believes that this well-crafted antagonism will serendipitously set the stage for an epic, historically classic match between him and Copeland when the wrestling stars finally collide.

In a preceding episode of his podcast, Ross took listeners down the memory lane of WWE’s NXT, articulating its original vision and eventual evolution into the acclaimed platform it is today. The forthcoming skirmishes in the AEW arena, particularly between experienced giants like Copeland and Cage, are bound to weave a new chapter in professional wrestling, with fans eagerly awaiting every move, every drama, and every unexpected turn the future holds.

As wrestling aficionados keep their eyes peeled for the eventual clash between Edge and Cage, the backstage stories and insights provided by seasoned professionals like Jim Ross offer a unique, humanizing glimpse into the world behind the wrestling curtain, building anticipation while maintaining a connective thread to the real lives and emotions of the superstars we cheer and jeer in the arena.

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