Moxley on Not Feeling Free During Interview With Austin

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Moxley on Not Feeling Free During Interview With Austin

Jon Moxley is a full-time All Elite Wrestling superstar. He was previously known as Dean Ambrose, and the WWE did whatever they could to make him stay at the company. Jon has been openly criticizing the way the WWE works and his eventual reason for quitting the company.

He recently spoke about his interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast. He spoke about how he felt angry about Austin asking him about his promos. He stated that he was already fed up with his WWE schedule and he didn’t like the questions that Austin was asking him, as Austin’s era was very different from his era.

During Austin’s era, the promos were not scripted. He stated that he couldn’t talk freely during the interview and that bothered him. "I'm not the only one of the boys who are suffering with this. Our whole generation is suffering with this.

And guys like Steve will be like 'Why don't you just off script and do Austin 3:16?' The whole situation is different than when you were here. You could just say 'Austin 3:16', I get a dumb f***ing script.

It's different. I'm trying to make the best of this. I can't go into all this on [Austin's] podcast. I'm trying to stand up for my generation and the boys. It was a stopping point. I just wanted to talk about wrestling. 'Cause me and him both love wrestling."