Why AEW Rely on Older Wrestlers?


Why AEW Rely on Older Wrestlers?
Why AEW Rely on Older Wrestlers? © F4WOnline/YouTube

In a surprising turn of events, AEW Dynamite and WWE's NXT went head-to-head on October 10th, reigniting the ongoing battle for wrestling ratings supremacy. WWE pulled out all the stops by bringing in heavyweights like John Cena, Cody Rhodes, LA Knight, and even The Undertaker.

Meanwhile, AEW Dynamite debuted Adam Copeland in a move that's garnered mixed reviews from wrestling pundits. Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer weighed in on the matter, explicitly addressing AEW's strategic emphasis on older wrestling stars.

The October 10th Dynamite episode prominently featured Bryan Danielson, Adam Copeland, and Christian Cage, especially during the closing segment.

Meltzer AEW Concerns

Meltzer expressed his reservations, stating, "It's perplexing.

When I tune into AEW, I can't help but notice the predominance of seasoned talents from previous generations. While they are undoubtedly skilled—take Christian Cage for example, who I find to be extraordinary—there's a lingering question about whether this is the right approach." Meltzer praised Copeland and Cage for their exceptional wrestling acumen.

"They understand the essence of putting together an engrossing match, never overstepping their limitations. However, the constant focus on older talents could be detrimental in the long run. Instead of creating new stars, AEW seems to be relying heavily on former WWE personalities." The sentiment echoes a broader concern that AEW may be falling into a classic pitfall.

"It’s almost as if AEW is saying, 'Hey, look who's no longer in WWE,' instead of developing their own marquee talents. Contrast that with how Sting was introduced—important but not dominating—which I believe was a more balanced approach," Meltzer added.

The episode in question spotlighted no less than four wrestlers over the age of 40, not to mention the significant airtime given to Christian Cage. The show reached its crescendo with a chaotic brawl involving numerous stars, such as Bryan Danielson, members of the Blackpool Combat Club, the Mogul Embassy, Swerve Strickland, and Hangman Adam Page.

While the night was undoubtedly filled with top-notch performances, the long-term efficacy of AEW's strategy remains a topic of debate. Meltzer summed it up by saying, "Wrestling isn’t just about who can put on the best match; it’s about who can be the biggest stars. In that context, AEW’s approach warrants scrutiny."

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